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Complaint: Brian Calsyn AKA Brian Marchant-Calsyn is a full time con man. Please do not give him a dime of your money or fall for what he says. He is an expert at scamming people and has surprisingly made a career of it. He ran Health Career Agents, a recruiting company similar to his current Recruit With Zeal (formerly Zeal Sales/Recruiting), which ended with lawsuits alleging fraud. I was part of this, and trust me it was a business in a box which kept raising fees until he couldn’t pay rent anymore near the end of 2008. I even had previous industry experience. Calsyn still owes me money. I have all email exchanges over the years with his excuses of why I have not been paid yet, contract stating what he will pay, reassured that it is on the way, will be there by x date, etc. Still no money. This has been over two years. During this, his company name and phone number changed, without contacting the people he owes money to….basically dodging debts. Please do not trust him, he will talk around it all, but there are plenty of people who have been scammed by him. Do not be his next victim. He deserves to be in jail after everything he has gotten away with.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 14248 f manchester rd Internet United States of America


Phone: 3147530369

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