ReachOut Wireless™ Review


I paid with credit card to the company ReachOut wireless for air time, service never was restored to my cell phone. I immediately called to them to find out what was the problem. since the already had taken the money from the bank. The phone never was turned on. Everytime I’d call they would say service is on ,but there is a problem with our IT dept.. they didnt know when service would stay on and not disconnect.. So this lasted for a month in a half . I patiently waited and spoke to one representive after another. no help. When I asjed to speak to a supervisor or manager I was told there was no one to speak to. I demanded a refund or my service. explaning the process of consumer goods. .I paid now I want service or a refund. they saud sorry mam but we can not refund you money its ours now . basicly this company is trying or is doing fruad and doing it to low incone residents. all while using the government to back . something needs to be done to stop this company. its a shame!! does not appear .

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