Re/Max Premier Review


For those who are using Ms Young to list their homes for sale, you should be aware of her unethical and illegal acts. First off, it is illegal to continue to show, discuss or enter into an agreement for sale if there is already an agreement for sale in process. You will notice I didn’t say ‘complete’!! Don’t let her fool you into thinking you can use one contract/buyer to negotiate a higher price with another buyer. A ‘contingency’ allows for the dissolution of the contract if not remedied, but it does not allow for multiple contracts to be entered into concurrently as an escape clause or ‘back door’. Simple contract law stipulates to this…. you can’t sell the same house twice, therefore you can’t have two contracts in place or in negotiation at one time. For you sellers, if you believe its ok to operate unethically and/or break the law as long as you get what you want, well then use her…. if it scares you to think that a contract for sale can be easily dissolved because of her practices and subsequently put you in a bind, well then STAY AWAY!!!!! | Buyers…. don’t even bother looking at her listings. Save yourself and your agent the trouble! She will use your interest in the property to attract buyers of her own so that she doesn’t have to split the commission. Your agent will do all the work (since she can never be reached and doesn’t work weekends) only to have her change one or two immaterial items (inspection days from 10 to 5) in order to say the agreement is not ratified. She is a website listing agent, not a reputable person, business person and especially not a reputable REAL ESTATE AGENT!!! She should be brought up on charges but may never be since the good reputable agents are fearful of rocking the boat with her. Its up to the consumer to fix this problem! Hit her where it hurts, refuse to look at any of her properties, don’t list with her, and if she represents a client (which I doubt will ever happen) to purchase from you, refuse to accept the offer. | I will never use her services, look at one of her properties or hold my tongue when her name comes up in conversation. She gives Real Estate agents a bad name!!!! I could go on and on about her bad business practices, but that isn’t what this is about. This is about FRAUD!!! And its time more people are aware of her practices before attempting to purchase a home through her. A home purchase is a very difficult and exciting time. She should be making it easier for all parties concerned, not the most difficult time of your life!!! | Oh, and yes I protected my identity below, you would to if you were unsure of just how far this woman would go. I don’t trust her and neither should you!


  • Name: Re/Max Premier
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Ashburn
  • Address: 44675 Cape Ct #110
  • Phone: 703-802-2850
  • Website:

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