Re-Bath Of California, Re-Bath Of San Diego, Re-Bath LLC (corporate) santa Ana California Review


Re-bath is the most unprofessional business that I have ever had to work with in my life. I agree with the other Ripoff Scams that the weasel of a manager is only there to screw homeowners out of their hard-earned money. Because of terrible service and still to this day a promised curtain rod we still owed a balance. Manager Randy Summy refused to take payments of the remaining balance after the fact that I told him I had just lost my job and to please give me the chance to make payments. He repsonded by saying he wasn’t a finance company. He then sued me for the balance, levyied my bank account, and issued a wage garnishment all AFTER he agreed to take my payments that I had been making faithfully for many months. During one call he even had the nerve to say that one of his installers lives behind my house and noticed that I had a birthday party going on. He accussed me of having money for a party but not to pay him! He then told me to pull it out of my teacher retirement fund. Never in my life have I dealt with such a terrible human being. DO NOT do business with these people unless you are prepared to deal with the rudest customer service ever!

3110 e. willow st signal hill, California United States of America

Bed & Bath

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