Raquel Cristina Guizado – San Pedro, California California


Let me start by letting you know Raquel portrays herself as kind and thoughtful so some might not think she is capable of being a homewrecker BUT SHE IS. Raquel aka Roxy started messing with my cousins man in September 2017. She was well aware that he was in a relationship of over 10 yrs but didn’t care. When my cousin found out my cousin tried to call and talk to Raquel but Raquel avoided her calls, wouldn’t return a call and continued her affair with my cousins man. When my cousin confronted her man he told my cousin she was crazy to think he would hook up with Raquel. He said she’s just his best friends little sister. Yes, Raquels older brother was best friends with him. Anyways my cousin dumped him cause she wouldn’t accept him being with her and the side chick Raquel. Well Raquel got pregnant the same month she started hooking up with my cousins man. Raquel is 5 months pregnant and naming her baby Jadelyn Milah. And by the way the guy went to jail last month and isnt coming out for the next year or two. Raquel can deny all of this and pretend to people its a different story but Raquel you know the truth and I hope your conscious reminds you. You can deal with his cheating deceitful ways when he gets back. And when he does meet another woman like u, hopefully she’s not so desperate to get pregnant.

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