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I bought an HP from Radioshack off their shelf (nice of me). They were so nice and then it had .problems. No one would deal with me or call me back and then the whole deal was it was well under 30 days of the return and their return policy states that you have 30 days for a full refund and 90 days total unless it is caused by you.The manager tried to tell me it was my fault and it was probably a virus but not so. So they send it off and never bother to follow up and one week goes by and I finally get mad and say I want a refund! THIS WAS WITHIN 30 DAYS. The manager tried to tell me he would give me my money back but would charge a restocking fee. WHAT? There was nothing wrong with my end and I bought it from them off their shelf. He could not do that. So I contacted the one in Westlake on Bee CAVES ROAD. They said he could not do that so I spent over two days calling the corporate office and finally the main manager called me back and said he would give me a refund but it would take 10-14 days! I was like what? I paid cash for it! He said we do not carry that much and I said “you did the day I purchased it now didn’t you””?So we go round and round and he says he can replace with a new one or they had a gateway there too. So I go to the store and the manager Billy tells me that he thought the gateway was better. But…..the HP was on sale from $619.00 to $559.00. THE GATEWAY WAS $549.00. I took the gateway and looked it up for consumer issues and found none and it did fine for about a month or so. Then it started acting up and the performance checks showed that programs were critical


not working and they never even did any updates on it or anything at all. So I call them up and tell them this and that the average person does not know all of this and he replies to me “”I DO!”” What a smart mouth!Now it is still under the 90 days and it states a full refund if not your fault and it is not because the computer shows the date of problems all the way to the first day I got it AND IT WILL NOT BACK UP! So I call for a refund and told no!Then I see on the box where it says ACER! I find out that Gateway went bankrupt and they did not tell me and Acer bought them out!I have a call in now and will continue with what I need to do but it is ridiculous that they take your money and then when you leave you cease to exist and gateway the same or acer or whoever does the warranty. The warranty runs from 12/09 to 12/10 and yet I bought it in March 2010? I do not think so!!!I am so sick of this stuff and the consumer getting it all the time!!They are rude and I will never buy anything at all from them again!!!!!!!!!”

Bee Caves and Barton Creek Mall Austin, Texas, Texas United States of America

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