Psychic Rachel Adams Review


She sounds so real, so convincing, she was always on point to my feelings. I swore she had to be genuine…but she wasn’t. She promised me my wife and kids back, and I take promises very seriously. She gave me her word, and told me she does not want her reputation ruined. She EVEN claimed to have helped other men and women in similar situations. However, my wife has since moved to a different state and remarried. No results at all. We are further apart now than we were originally. On top of that; I’m out $4500. She told me “money back guarantee”. I went back and asked for my money after explaining what had happened. She tried to use the “my work isn’t finished” excuse. I didn’t buy that for a single second… She claimed to have bought new materials. I haven’t seen anything that would validate that claim. She never allowed me to pay with a check or credit card. I never understood why, until now… She didn’t want a paper trail. Beware Psychic Rachel Adams Short, fat, and dark.


  • Name: Psychic Rachel Adams
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 2218 FM 1960,
  • Phone: 281-209-1497
  • Website:

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