Prillo Review


They advertise a Bordeaux bedroom set with upper drawers on each of the furnitures for $999 on two flyers dated from October 08 to 22 2010. Today October 18 I walked in to their location in Laval, asked to see the model on the floor. The salesman pulled the flyer out of my hand very rudely and walked me to a bedroom set displayed in the front of the store similar to the add. I repeated and showed the picture in the flyer detailed drawers that open and wanted to see it. He continued by telling me that the manufacturer has replaced that model with a newer version, displayed without the opening drawers. And that Prillo no longer carries that “older” model advertised in their flyers. And he carelessly continued thowing his sales pitch for the model they did have. Untill I walked out of the store and straight to my computer. still contains the Bordeaux add in their flyers as well as their website.

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