Pressed Right Hydraulic juice Cold Press Review


Pressed Right took a prepayment and promised to ship equipment. They never shipped the units and do not answer their phones after we asked for refund. | Robert Szutz the owner of PR accepted a downpayment of for 10 units from our company and promised to ship within the next 4-5 weeks. After 5 weeks passed (10/9/15) and just 1 unit shipped on 10/13/15 and after multiple phone calls, texts and emails he texted back that they are having delays and refused to explain why. After that Robert Szutz disappeared completely, his accounting girl Amber suddenly became unavailable for inexplicable reasons, as well as the tech support person Robert Kaser stopped picking up his phone. We got in touch with a number of ex employees of Pressed Right and found out that there is a constant employee turn over with employees leaving the company outraged with PR’s lack of ethics and without getting paid for weeks. We found other companies that were robbed by Pressed Right, they ordered and paid for the equipment and never got it. It is time for the FBI to take over this fraudulent organization the sole purpose of which is to collect money from customers and never deliver the product.


  • Name: Pressed Right Hydraulic juice Cold Press
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Riverside
  • Address: 1760 Chicago Ave
  • Phone: 866-257-5774
  • Website:

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