PREP 101, Personal Style Concierge Services Review


I purchased the Overhaul Package on August 19, 2014, hoping to get a new outfit for my birthday, as well as update my wardrobe. According to the “company” I was supposed to receive a Personal Style Questionnaire within three days of placing my order. However, several days went by and I had not received any response or assistance from this so called business, even after I sent multiple emails and messages via Facebook. It wasn’t until August 30 that they actually sent me the questionnaire. | I emailed my Personal Style Questionnaire back on September 1, 2014, to provide details about the type of clothes I like and to help the “company” select outfits which match my style preferences. Three days after, I added some new outfits that I found in the website that I was interested in purchasing. After being ignored for almost three weeks, I sent yet another email to Fashion Prep 101 to find out where my look book was and why I had not heard anything back. Finally, on September 24 (over a month after purchasing the service/product), I received my first look book. | I was excited to see what outfits my stylist was able to find. I was quickly disappointed because the majority of the outfits were not available. The style guide shows the outfit pictures and includes the links; however almost every time I clicked a link the item was out of stock and not available for purchase. So in effect, I didn’t receive a legitimate look book. I immediately wrote back informing Fashion Prep 101 of the broken links and asked for details on a few other outfits, to make up for the ones that didn’t work… again, no reply. | This is supposed to be a monthly service where I receive new outfits each month. I even sent a reminder email hoping that this service would work out; still nothing. October rolled by and I received nothing from Fashion Prep, no communication, no look book, nothing… I reached out to this “company” multiple times and was virtually ignored. | It became very clear that Fashion Prep 101 was a scam and that Cedric is the only “employee.” The Facebook page was constantly updated but the company rarely responded to email messages, nobody ever answered the phone, and the follow-up and customer service was horrible. Recently the Facebook page was removed and Fashion Prep changed their name… I imagine because of all the complaints this company has received. In fact, when you view the old page all you see are comments from people who got robbed by this sham of a company. | Lastly, I saw post on another fashion site discussion how he had been stealing another person’s outfits and passing them off as his own. Beware. And stay far away from this crook! There should be a class action suit against him and he should go to jail for fraud.


  • Name: PREP 101, Personal Style Concierge Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Atlanta
  • Address:
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