Pocono MRI Imaging Center Long Pond Pennsylvania Review


My Husband had X-rays and an MRI done at this facility. Between what our insurance paid and out of pocket expenses, the total for these services came to over $5,000.00. nWe found a doctor out in Florida that wanted to try to help my husbands ailment, and he wanted to films sent to him. nI called ahead of time, I was told that I would have to purchase them. It would cost $40.00 to get these films. I was angry because we had already paid for them, they belonged to us. nI had not choice but to pay the $40.00 to get my husband medical help. nWhen I went to pick them up the next day they informed me that they were $40 FOR EACH FILM!!! nAfter I paid for the films ( I had not choice) I had to go to the Local Hospital for some other films, and guess what??nThey were FREE!! nI cannot believe that this company can be permitted legally to make you pay for these films a second time. They should not be aloud to do this. n$40.00 per film adds up, think about the last time you had an x-ray, How many pictures did they take? That can add up fast. nSo my advice to everyone is, Please go the the hospital for your radiology needs, medical care is expensive enough, you should not have to pay twice for the same service. nLisanLong Pond, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

3 Parkinson’s Road East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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