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Complaint: I work 3rd shift at Denso. Sometimes we order pizza from pizza hut on hannum st. in Alcoa, TN. I spoke with one of their drivers the other night about how they make their money. Here’s what he told me. He said that they charge the customer $1.50 for delivery over the cost of the pizza. That’s not the bad part. The bad part is that ADF only gives the delivery driver $0.75. Where does the other money go? On top of that the delivery person was only making minimum wage. He said that he has to pay extra on his insurance because he delivers pizza. he said that he also had to pay more for his license because he works on the road and had to have a special endorsement. ADF is not only stealing money from the customer but they are also stealing from their employees. I would say at the end of the week a delivery driver at Hannum St. only clears about $300.00 including his tips. This is highway robbery. The delivery drivers actually have an added burden of maintainence on their car which ADF does not pay for. I didn’t realize that Pizza hut did its employees this way. I will not be ordering anymore pizza from them ever. The driver also told me that ADF and Yum foods owns all the Pizza huts, taco bells and kfc in our area. I will no longer be doing business with those fast food places either. Pizza huts pizza gave us all a certain queezy feeling anyways. We will be ordering from Dominoes or Papa Johns from now on. From some of these other threads, sounds like the Pizza Huts in our area aren’t very well managed. It’s amazing how they treat their employees. I don’t know how ADF is able to sleep at night knowing full well that they treat their employees like dirt. I am going to tell everyone that I know about ADF Pizza Huts. I am going to write the paper also. William Louisville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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Address: Hannum St. Alcoa, Tennessee U.S.A.


Phone: 865-9844340

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