Pet Sitting for Beagles Review


This individual alias James Debby contacted me via text about pet sitting services. He wanted to know my availability, which would have been helpful if he included the dates he needed a sitter for. It also was funny he was contacting a cat sitter, but occasionally I get requests for dog sitting. I sent an email explaining that I generally do not dog sit, but I would need to know the dates, services requested, etc. Needless to say, he responded with an email telling me he was a contractor visiting the area for work, and he needed someone to take care of his two dogs Mon-Fri either from the hotel or board them (why wouldn’t you board them in your hometown?). He stated his last sitter returned to Poland for personal reasons, hence the reason he is looking for a new pet sitting service. These statements are almost verbatim from other scams…they mention their pet sitter returned overseas. They also will not disclose the name of the location, any real details about their pets, nor specifics about the end date for sitting. It was obvious this was a scam, and when I did a search, of course I found the same exact emails reported for fake check scams. James Debby also has used this phone number to pretend to be collecting for the IRS and in a wheelchair scam on The next step would have been to send me a larger than agreed upon amount in the form of a fake check, have me cash it, and then send on a large portion to another fake company. I didn’t bite. I told him that I could bring my assistant to the meet and greet that was a police officer with K-9 experience. I didn’t hear back. I wished him Happy Scamming Failures in 2017.

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