Pep Boys rock hill South Carolina


Complaint: Pepboys will intentionally take advantage of anybody and lie directly to their face I was initially quoted 400 dollars for 3 different jobs to be done at once bushings, brush arm, and shocks/struts. I told them I didnt have the cash for all the repairs and was quoted 240 just for the brush arm and bushings. I ended up paying 550 dollars just for the brush arm and bushings. I also spent additional money on a taxi to pick it up only to be sent home becuase they weren’t done and wouldn’t be till they could get the part. My car was promised to be returned the same day ,Saturday afternoon, and it wasnt returned to me until Tuesday night at 8pm. Before paying I asked to see a store receipt of what they paid for the car parts and they were completely shocked to be asked that and quite frankly had no idea how to answer that question. THIS STORE’S JOB IS TO RIP YOU OFF. I even complained (very nicely) to the store manager and to the company website with no avail. I feel that they completely took adavatage of me becuase of my age and because of my gender. PEP BOYS SUCKS! Janet rock hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Cherry Road Rock Hill, South Carolina U.S.A.



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