Paul Davidson Survey/Evaluator consultant Review


Assignment MemoThank you for your interest to participate in the Kroger survey project. In addition, we want you to evaluate any walgreens and target store in your area.It is important you send me an email/text message confirmation as soon as you receive the envelope.1. please go to your bank to have the check for $1,890 cashed. Deposit the check if you are unable to cash it same day, funds will be available, within 24 hours. Survey should be completed within 48 hours upon receipt of cashier’s check.2. Once funds are available, withdraw the cash and deduct your commission which is $300.3.$1,550 would be used to complete your shopping would be evaluating 3 stores in your neighborhood. Kroger or Kroger affiliate, walgreens andTarget. you are allowed to shop using Kroger plus card, Target Red card and Walgreenscard if you are a member.Purchase Google play gift card of $500 denomination.There are other instructions that I will not submit at this time, I just want to make this scam known to the at this time.Thank you.

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