Patrick Widmayer Palatine Illinois


Complaint: I have ran into this dude & his w****……… One guy told me he was having sex with her for money while his child was playing in same room………….Patrick didn’t care just wanted the money to pay for his Coke habbit and his sex addiction with men & boys. This chick in the picture also may have been a man at one time………… My friend said he may have had her c*** tied back, This girl is also on Creg’s list & Back Page. They both have VD … Pat is a known felon in Palatine . He has taken money from me & many other people, He acts like he is your best friend and once he gets your money he is gone. On to the next victim, I am so happy my friend told me also about this site. I hope this will save one person from getting AIDS or all your money taken

Tags: Abusive Parents

Address: Barrington Palatine, Illinois United States of America


Phone: 224 400 0067

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