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Complaint: We paid Panrimo 10,990 in May 2016 for a study abroad program for fall semester 2016. The amount paid was to cover the foreign university tuition, the home stay provider fees, Panrimo’s fees, etc. One month into the semester, my daughter received an email from the university stating that if she didn’t pay her tuition bill, she would not be permitted to attend class the following week. A phone call to Paul and he emailed me and the university a copy of a wire document showing that the tuition was paid a month prior, in August. Two weeks later, the home stay provider is asking when she will be paid. Phone call to Paul, he emails a second wire receipt saying he has sent full payment to the home stay host. When she still hadn’t received the funds a week later, I phoned the wire company to check on when they would post to the foreign accounts. The wire company advised me that the receipts were forgeries. They said that Paul had not done business with them since May 16. I phoned Paul and advised him I would give him until the following day to get the funds into the University and home stay providers account or I would file charges. He then sent over money gram receipts saying that they would have the funds within 4 hours. Two days later the funds were not in the home stay provider acct and he claimed that they had been misapplied by money gram and that it was going to take days for them to correct. More stalling. As of today, he’s had our $10k, money that we funded with federal student loans and are paying interest on, for 4+ months, and has not paid the university or the home stay provider as per the study abroad contract we entered into with his company. He’s stolen our money.

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Address: 237 N. Old Woodward Avenue Suite 100 Birmingham, Michigan USA



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