Old Orchard Farms & Ultimate Orpingtons Review


On 19 and 25 May, 2015 I spent just over $5k on three chicken coops. The bulk of the money was sent on 19 May, with $500 remitted for shipping on 25 May. I chose to purchase these coops after talking at length with the owner / operator, Mr. Greg Mignot, with the most important selling point being he assured me he could meet my shipping timeline. After both the best case ship date of 16 June and nlt ship of the week of 23 June passed with little information, I requested a refund which is reasonable according to The Federal Trade Commission. This request was sent certified with returned receipt – I have the reciept, signed by Mr. Mignot. I gave Mr. Mignot until 17 July, 2015 to refund my money before taking any further action. On the morning of 17 July, 2015, he sent an email claiming he was shipping and sent a bill of lading, even though this option was only viable BEFORE he received my certified letter requesting a refund, according to the FTC. He then sent a follow up email that stated the shipper’s truck was full, and that my coops would be shipped the following Monday. As of 24 July, I have received neither my merchandise or a refund. My experience has been reported to The Federal Trade Commission. As a side note, I’ve lost 20 birds due to injury and illnesses related to over crowding. One hen was skinned alive by several roosters mounting her at once. I have nightmares about birds being crushed to death and dread opening the door to the coop each morning. I have no more money to to buy more coops and am faced with destroying half my flock before they kill each other first.

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