Northwest Language & Cultural Center Review


I recently moved to the area and was sought out by the director and her assistant because of my cooking skills. After Hannah had told me all she had to say about the center and about no one getting paid, i was hesitant… but she assured me that since there was a board of directors I would surely be paid for my work… I thought it was strange that a center of such caliber and stature had to chase down a homeless woman to do their food service, but I soon find out why… Every single person I met in the area had a story about working for these people and not getting paid… Whether it was on their farm with 10 dollar heads of cauliflower and 70 dollar per pound nettles that Josette has no problem collecting on… Or at the language academy and cultural center… When you look at the website and read the vision, it is hard to not be consumed by the idea… A vision I believe most humans share, so I went against my instinct and took the job anyway. | After all, 3 months ago I couldn’t walk and had to teach myself to talk and walk again… 2nd time since my brain infection. So I was feeling pretty amazing that I was even capable of accomplishing a feat like this… and being sought out for my skills… The assistant to the director told me if I come up here I would have a place to stay and I could heal while starting a new life… Hahaha Well… As soon as I got here it became clear that there was no time to rest. She sought me to take on this contract as executive chef that would leave me in charge of feeding, planning, serving, coming and cleaning up for between 12 and 30 meals 3 times per day. I impressed everyone with my kitchen skills, including those who won’t pay me what was promised, but was blessed to leave a lasting impression on the beautiful children I was to serve making life long connections… We signed the contact may 18… where I was to receive 1800 for food and payment. I already knew I was being underpaid, but I choose to take it anyway for the cultural experience… and a little out of desperation after being brought here on lies and now living in a storage unit. I had no choice and now was not only homeless, thanks to the assistant of the center, Hannah varieur, but I was also without my van which was my home, due to thousands of dollars in structural repairs I could not afford. I signed the contract Josette Hendrix drew up and ran off to start my job immediately… Making lists, menus, shopping at various places to find the food needed, prepping, storing and ultimately meeting again with Josette to approve the menu before I began my 20 hour days. The contact was very clear about what my job was, but somehow I became responsible for many other jobs that the director wasn’t even there to fill me in in. She actually left the entire operation to us 2 homeless people. Lol Obviously she scored, but that was a little irresponsible. After all she charged the people I was serving trends of thousands of dollars for the experience… And the peasants who can’t get paid were responsible for giving then that experience. | The only help I was provided with was another homeless person they were using and a couple dishes were done on 2 separate occasions by Hannah. I and the other homeless person all of a sudden had multiple jobs that we were responsible for, including not only babysitting the international guests, but also the local groups they hold there they forgot to tell us about… So not only were we taking care of our group, we were left alone to take care of and on some cases feed their other groups. I was also left to clean up after other projects they charged big money to be there for… I completed the contact on may 28 with flying colors, and more references for my skills, however getting paid has been one drama after another. First off, after a 3 hour meeting with Josette on may 31 is told she would have my check ready on Friday as I handed over the receipts for purchases. She said she would call me when my check was ready. | By 4 pm, I still had received no call so I called them. Hannah told me to be there by 530. When I got there she was standing outside with the keys, screaming personal nonsense about how we need to negotiate her giving me my paycheck. Haha Hannah is an employee if Josette and the center. No employee is allowed to take another persons paycheck for any reason… Yet Josette seemed to be okay with it because I called her immediately and heard nothing back from her until that Saturday evening. At that point in time, hearing her voice was the last thing I wanted to do… And I was at work… So then I got a text message from Josette finally about her dropping off my check at my other job on Monday, June 6 for me while thanking me for doing such a good job. I went to my job to pick up the check and it was one round figure, no accounting, itemization, etc… I knew it was very short, but I had to cash it so I could fix my car house. I texted her immediately some questions with my records asking her to contact me about rectifying the issue. Today, sat, June 11, I still have yet to hear from her. It gets worse…wed, June 8, i get a message from Carol at the center. She said that the bank made an error and therefore my check would not be good and they would have to write me another one. I called the bank immediately… And recorded it, like the rest of my dealings with the center, and the bank basically told me they were lying. There was no bank error and in fact the check had cleared… | By the next day it was reversed! So they issued me a new one, that looked exactly like the other, again, no accounting, no copies of receipts, etc. Fortunately that one did clear, but to date neither Carol, Hannah or Josette have acknowledged by of my inquiries about what is owed to me despite the fact that I made it easy and sent it all to Josette. I would like to receive the rest of my payment and food if the 1800 dollar budget that we signed on… And at this point 50% interest for the trouble and time of tracking this all down, having to drive to the center repeatedly, for being late, and other problems you have caused me by not following through with the contract. My time us also with something. We all deserve to be paid for or work. I would never do business with this place again unless paid up front.


  • Name: Northwest Language & Cultural Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Langley
  • Address: 5023 Langley Rd
  • Phone: 360-321-2101
  • Website:

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