North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Review


What a disorganized and disconcerned office. I have never been more insulted by a professional service company in my life…especially when I was referred to them for my 12-yr old. Orthodontist sent us there to remove impacted wisdom teeth, sent them x-rays that were crystal clear, but when we got to the appointment, the office did not know why were were there. In addition, not only did we wait for 45 minutes while they looked and called the ortho (while they were on their daily lunch hour-which does not change every single day), they took my 12-yr old into the back ALONE for the appointment and were relying on a 12-yr old for the ‘why we were there’, while alone in their office. Are you kidding me? And then, when i went in the back to go sit with my 12-yr old while waiting for the doctor, the staff began to tell us it was our fault they had no idea why we were there. The doctor, Dr. Scott Frank himself, actually came in to the room and blamed us for the disorganization and the frustration of his staff. . . REALLY??!!? Isn’t this something they do all the time, it is their profession, and they left it up to a 12-yr old to rely on, and waited to the last minute? Apparently business is good and they do not need any additional clients. AVOID this dentist because their practice is too good to help a 12-yr old referral case, so they must be too good to serve you…

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