North American Web Services Review


VP Jeffrey (Jeff) Woods under the guise of a Microsoft Affiliate Marketing program stated I would be the recipient of a website that would sell Microsoft products. My cost associated with the site and their maintaining the service would be $19.95 a month. All commissions generated would be forward to me. Note: to date that site has generated less than $6.00 in commissions over a time frame approaching one year. | In addition I paid Jeff Woods company $7,000 to be in their “residual Lead Program” and I would get a per centage of every lead that duplicated the same as I had done, but after me! | I was given a written guarantee that if I was not satisfied in five months, which I also extended for an additional 5 months due to circumstances Jeff said he was experiencing, that I would get my money refunded to me. To date I have not received my funds back, and he and is company refuse any contact I have tried. I have tried calling their general numbers, emailed Jeff Woods directly, and also called his personal cell phone, and no responses whats so ever now to date. This all started in the first week of May 2019 in trying to contact the company and Jeff.


  • Name: North American Web Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Seattle
  • Address: 4500 9th Avenue NE
  • Phone: (206) 536-1057
  • Website:

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