Nissan Service Contract Review


We purchased a used Nissan Titan then proceeded to use an online company Vader Nissan (a dealership) that handles the warranty in the beginning stages. They seemed excellent and thorough, we received great phone & email service, the contract by snail mail and we were told we would receive a card and booklet from Nissan Service Contract Department. We elected a monthly EFT from our bank at no additional charge. Thankfully we never had to use the warranty. Eight months into our contract we sold our Titan on 8/19/13. We contacted Vader Nissan and requested a cancellation. We then called our bank and stopped the EFT. The representatives at Vader advised us to contact the Nissan Service Warranty Department directly which we did. After going through the maze of 3 completely different automated systems we reach a real person. We never received the warranty card or handbook and relied on the information originally sent by Vader. Nissan tells us we don’t have a policy with them even after we explain that they have been taking money from our bank for 9 months. The Nissan agent said she would create a policy for us. We tried in vain to explain the reason for our call was to cancel our policy. The Nissan agent repeatedly told us we couldn’t cancel a policy until she created one for us. After 45 minutes we requested a supervisor. The supervisor advised us the company’s policy of cancellation ad nausem and appologized every other word but would not listen to our questions. We were then told we needed to contact the “lien holder.” We advised them the Titan had been traded in and paid off and that the “lien holder,” didn’t have anything to do with our policy. Evidently, what Vader Nissan did was use a 3rd party to pay off our policy and in return we were paying the 3rd party company called SPP. So we contacted SPP and requested a cancellation of our policy, they asked us to submit our request in writing with copies of the documents showing the trade in and mileage of the Titan, they stated that it would take 2 to 4 weeks to “process” the cancellation. We complied and sent the letter, then waited a month an contacted SPP. On that call SPP advised us that they could not reimburse our refund until they received the check from Nissan Service Warranty Department. So we called Nissan. They said they too needed a request in writing and documents to show the vehicle was traded. We said, hey just call SPP they will comfirm it. Nope Nissan wanted their own copies. So we mailed their copies return receipt from the USPS. The post office sent us confirmation that the letter had be received and signed for, we then contacted Nissan to request our refund be sent to SPP so SPP could issue our refund. Nissan stated they could not locate the letter, we gave them the postal receipt to no avail. They requested we fax them the letters, which we did twice. By this time we get a letter from SPP advising us our policy was cancelled and a check would be deposited back into our checking account the following week. The refund never came. Called SPP demanded an explanation of this nonsense, apology after apology — they blamed Nissan for not sending them the refund. We called Nissan, they too apologied numerous times and said they understood our frustration? We requested our refund today! But were told that a consumer affairs agent would call us before the end of that business day to explain the situation. She did call. She stated that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to process the check for SPP. We refused this info and demanded payment today or this week not another month. We have contacted SPP and Nissan collectively to find out where and when the exact date we could expect to see “our” money, with no explanation. Then we get a default letter from Nissan stating we have not paid our policy for 2 months… We are still waiting for our refund.

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