Nicole Johnson – Casselberry, Florida Florida


Me and my ex husband recently rekindled our marriage after he left me for some other home wrecker. I accepted him back called off the divorce even though he had unpretected sex with that whore. Well I woke up the other morning and asked him to take me to the drs I had a bad teeth infection, he got enraged and just swung on me for about ten mins. Well after I got away I went through his phone not only had he been cheating on me on dating websites since day one but apparently was also trying to screw these people. We split I left with my kid after finding out the day he left after the fight he brought this who’re to the beach with him and his whole family and then went home with her. I confronted them both he’s hiding won’t answer me directly or really at all for that matter. And her I asked her how it took her three hours to go to a storw two mins up the street. Ha she never answered just blocked me. What’s messed up is how old are you, damn you should know better. Well moral of the story if he did it once he’ll do it again . But watch out for this nasty girl her and her friend prettylady staxx kailey or some thing like it they will screw your husband unprotected… expose them all.

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