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Complaint: Received one of those official looking notices in the mail where you tear one side and then pull out the insert. Insert says 2018 benefit update on top. Then goes on to state that I may now qualify for a state-regulated life insurance program that my government death benefit does not cover regardless of my medical condition. It states to return the card today which asks for your signature, my age, spouses age, and phone number to receive FREE information on how this special program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses not covered by government funds up to $15,000. First I didnu2019t know I even had any government funds – interesting. This is a card that you give your information on one side and on the other side is their mailing address with “no postage necessaryu201d. Your information is now visibly see able to anyone who handles this mailer. There is no phone number or email

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Address: website to contact them and actually speak with a human. This is a scam to make it look like it is from a government agency. DO NOT fill out and return. No official agency would ask for your signature and how old you are just to receive information about this special insurance. Itu2019s special all right …. I wonder if Capital Hill is aware of the fact that the address is just a stones throw away on Pennsylvania Avenue.”


Phone: 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #1400 Washington, District of Columbia United States

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