National Grid Review


I have received *numerous* phone calls from this entity claiming to be "National Grid" when today I found out that to be false. I live in Wakefield, Massachusetts and got a call today at 1:59 p.m. The caller ID just said "AUBURN MA". I answered and it was a recording, again, saying that they were "National Grid" and I honestly don’t remember what else the recording said and I held for a customer service rep.I figured I would just explain that I am not one of their customers and to please take me off their list since they’ve been calling me about five to ten times a day and I have an elderly father who isn’t in the best of health. I was instantly connected to a CSR and I started to explain who I was and that I wasn’t a customer of National Grid. I was disconnected. Not hung up on; disconnected and the phone went to a reorder.I feel like my parents are probably being targeted because of their age. Wakefield, MA has it’s own power & electric company so for them to call here and try to manipulate older folks is evil. I truly hope someone finds these sick and twisted criminals and charges them. I am also going to contact National Grid’s Massachusetts customer service line and make them aware of what happened to my family. I’m sure they’re aware of this going on but since they’ve been calling me for quite awhile I would just like to confirm it was not them. Thank you for your time.

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