Nashville Downtown Hostel (Owned by Ron from Korea) Nashville Tennessee Review


I have stayed at this hostel several times before with no problems. It is owned by an immigrant fron Korea named Ron. This man however refuses to offer weekly or monthly rates to people and charges high prices compared to other hostels I have found. I am a street musician and perform occassional gigs. I am also a United States Navy Veteran . I have no crimimal record and have stayed at other hostels, and rooming houses without problems. The tension started when some of the staff found out I was Donald Trump supporter and voted for him. Soon one of them became rude to me where before she was very friendly accomodating and supportive. A couple of other staff were soon bothered and people were upset that I chose to watch CNN frequently about the news that was going on with Trump. My music has been improving and I believe a staff member was bothered that I was making it as a street musician and they were unable to and had to work a regular job. I overheard some of the guests from other countries saying negative things about the United States and Trump and was also bothered by this. I was asked to leave immediately one morning after a couple of attractive younger women seemed to be taking an interest in me the day which I guess that was the last straw for them. I was basically put out on the streets with no advance notice with a couple of people even smirking about it. I would not stay at this hostel but would look into some inexpensive motels in the area.

177 1st Avenue N Nashville , Tennessee USA

615 497 1208


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