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I took the time to register with AndroidCentral so I could post a reply to a question I knew wouldn’t be answered. I provided accurate and correct information that answered the question. I went back later and noticed the link I had posted as part of the answer was removed from my post and anyone that wanted to view the link portion of the answer was forced to register and provide an e-mail. I logged a complain in the appropriate forum stating that I thought this practice was underhanded and I was now worried about spam. I would understand it it was a file (or image) hosted by their site but to block a simple URL is highly suspicious and gives the appearance of impropriety–it makes them look like they are phishing for e-mail addresses. I also said I wouldn’t participate unless this was fixed. It took them several hours but rather than respond to my complaint they killed the post. I haven’t checked to see if my account is still valid because I really don’t care. Clearly they intend to continue with this inappropriate practice of blocking portions of answers just to force registration–again not things like files where they are providing a service but blocking simple URLs referencing additional information that would enhance a technical answer.

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