Miriah Reichley Idaho Idaho


This little slut was all over my husband, initially I thought nothing since she wasn’t the best looking thing ever and a young 23 years old … Well I went on with my business 30 weeks pregnant and just wanting to get ready for our first baby. This little tramp welcomed herself into our lives and acted as a friend would act. My husband would message her here and there and I thought,”well she looks like a boy so maybe she’s a dike?” I mean no boobs, pimples all over the place… Never thought anything was between them. || Well to my surprise this little cunt and my husband were messaging each other at all times of the night, and when I went to his phone, NADA he erased all the conversations… I come to find out through a private investigator! Yes I went there, just to make sure I had enough proof that he cheated and I could take all that belonged to me! After 4 years of deployments and waiting faithfully for my husband to return so that he could cheat on me 32 weeks pregnant? ┬áBecause of her we broke up our family and our new born baby and 6 year relationship down the drain! Thanks! I hope this is the best accomplishment you make! I hope your mother sees this and is ashamed of you!

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