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Complaint: After buying Microsoft Office on-line, I used MinuteDownload’s download link to obtain and install the Microsoft Office products: Word 2016, Excel, PowerPoint, and Notes. When I went to activate the software, the ID that I received from MinuteDownload (or DownloadInstant.com) was NOT valid. When I attempted to call the phone number on their website (1-844-350-5295), it wasn’t set up to receive calls! Initially, I had issues even downloading the products and had received an error code regarding a missing file. When I attempted to use their on-line chat function, it was ~50 min. before someone finally answered me. And then, they appeared to not read the text describing my download issue, eventually offering to send me another download link … which they didn’t. I tried activating Office both on-line and by phone. Neither approach worked. I’ve concluded that this is a scam and intend to contact my credit card company as soon as the payment is processed…

Tags: Computer Software

Address: Nationwide United States

Website: downloadinstant.com/?v=46f1ad6c619b


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