May Marc C Attorney At Law Review


Marc R. May is a terrible attorney. This review is my opinion. I am so disgusted that I ran into this conman and wasted time. He talks like he knows what he is doing. He doesn’t. He gives a huge sales pitch until he collects the retainer. You won’t hear much from him until he needs more money. He feels no guilt about any actions or how they effect other people. Hustled me for business on another matter as well. I didn’t bite. His assistant, Kim Ferguson, is equally as worthless as Mr. May. It’s a tiny one man shop that bills like they know what they are doing and can get you any results that you couldn’t get from a craigslist lawyer or I think he is afraid to go to court. He looked for any excuse he could to stay away from court. Allergic to court. He seems like he doesn’t like confrontation which for an attorney is a hazard. Hazard is a good way to describe my feelings for Mr. May. General hazard, moral hazard, chemical hazard and oh by the way, with his accent, he sounds like he is off the set of the Dukes of Hazzard. Boss Hogg? More like that stuttering sheriff. Don’t waste your time even paying for his consultation. It’s also clear he’s desperate for business. Very desperate. If he thinks he’s got a live one, he will likely milk them until the Visa card is maxed out and the 401k is drained dry. After you’ve paid all of the money, you still won’t have gotten close to your goal and he will stop working until you show up with more money. His business practices are truly disgusting and repulsive. Thankfully, he’s getting on in years so I doubt he will be able to ply his vampire trade disguised as a family law practice for much longer. Again all of this is my personal opinion as a former client. Run don’t walk from Marc R. May.


  • Name: May Marc C Attorney At Law
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Frisco
  • Address: 2500 Legacy Dr Ste 112
  • Phone: (214) 387-8501
  • Website:

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