Matthew Sherman – Just Colorado Springs Colorado Review


I ordered a jacket from these guys over a month ago. With the promise that I would have it by Christmas. That moment never came. I called and asked what the problem was. Just like everyone else, it was lies and delaying. All he does is prolong the problem. Matthew is a scammer and a ripoff artist. nLast Monday he called me up trying to solve this problem. When I answered the phone he said “what’s up baby?”” and “”Did you know you have a wonderful voice?”” Does this sound like a decent hardworking man to you? It sounds like he is having marital problems. I hope he got caught for abusing his child like that. He should rot in hell. I hate child abusers. nGinanColorado Springs


3587 Hwy 9 #416 Freehold, New Jersey U.S.A.


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