Martins Wrecker Service Review


The employee of this company has no customer service skills. My 16 yrs. old son was towed by this company and left stranded with his 15 yrs. old friends to try to figure out how to get the car back. My son told him that he had the money to pay to get it back so he could leave the car and the guy was very rude. I had to pick them up downtown where anything could have happened to them and it was late at night. I happened to get to them before it started raining very hard. | I called the company to find out where they were located after the GPS took us to the wrong place because they have one address on the sign and actually located at a different address and he was very rude and hung up in my face. Once we found the place I asked him about leaving kids downtown and he said, “That ain’t my problem.” He was belligerent with me and the other customers waiting to get their car back. I called the police because he was so rude and had a gun and didn’t want to take any chances on the situation escalating. The cops took too long to get there and the weather was really bad, so I had to leave but I do plan to follow up and file a complaint with whomever and let everybody know about the experience. The car being towed is one thing but there is no reason to act the way that he did.


  • Name: Martins Wrecker Service
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Nashville
  • Address: 263 Hermitage Ave
  • Phone: 615-256-9502
  • Website:

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