Marriage Recovery Center Review


My husband and I went to see Dr Hawkins in December of 2012 in hopes of repairing our marriage. We agreed to attend an intensive which left me feeling even more traumatized. My husband had struggled with sexual addiction for all of our 16 years of marriage. He was a classic sex addict (not a complicated case). After an inital seemingly professional consultation, we agreed to a 2.5 day intensive. | It was during our intensive the emotional abuse began. The Dr Hawkins who led the intensive presented a very different personality than the charming one we had previously encountered. He was much less professional and almost devoid of compassion/empathy. ( Which I found to be ironic as much of our time was spent doing an exercise where we were to show empathy to one another.) | He seemed to enjoy lecturing to us as opposed to counseling us. It was the “David Hawkins” show. At one point he even asked us if we wanted to sponsor his radio program on KCIS!! As the session wore on, he grew very impatient that I was not showing more empathy toward my unfaithful husband; and he became moody, withdrawn and threatened to terminate the session at one point. Thinking of my 6 children, I felt desperate and trapped, so I put on an act and modified my behavior to fit with what pleased him (it did nothing to foster healing with my husband). | I consoled myself that I would NEVER return to him. In short, Dr David Hawkins is a manipulative, narcissist who preys in desperate Christian couples. Avoid him at all costs. Happily, we stuck it out and sought the help of another counselor who was able to help us and we remain married.


  • Name: Marriage Recovery Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Mill Creek
  • Address: PO Box 12261
  • Phone: (206) 219-0145
  • Website:

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