Maple Media Review


I am a contractor working for a software startup. | Our organization had hired Amrita Sukumar as a contractor to get some work done for our startup. | We had a terrible experience working with her. We would recommend anyone not to work with her or to engage with her with anything involved. While working with us she violated numerous of our key terms and guidelines, including IP theft, Internet Scam, and Computer Application Transfer theft. She tries to gets employed by local companies based in the bay area and then attempts to steal their IT properties and assets, soon after starts her own venture. She has done that not only to our organization by a few others, as well. | Her new organization has 3 legal cases pending, going on, as several others have reported this. Local police authorities have been in search for her for the past month. | Her new venture is | | | The entire product of her new venture has been stolen from her previous organization. Beware of her. She is a real scammer. She tries to start up new companies by stealing existing source code or any IP assets that she receives. She has no technical knowledge or technical expertise and claims to be one. She also claims that she comes from a electronic music background. All lies! | Beware of her!! and don’t get scammed as we did.


  • Name: Maple Media
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Bruno
  • Address: 2161 Whiteman Way
  • Phone: 650-942-4989
  • Website:

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