Made Right Custom Review


We signed a detailed contract with owner Mike Scott in the summer of 2017 for a custom bathroom vanity. We provided the design and he signed off on it. The cost to build and install was $6K. Mr. Scott knew we were also doing a small update to our Florida condo and there were others onsite with whom we needed to coordinate with for the installation of the finished vanity. He knew we were painting the entire interior of the condo and installation would follow painting. He even bid on the paint job using a subcontractor so he knew the entire plan. He knew we were out of residence and by condo rules, we had to complete our work within the approved construction period of six (6) months. He further knew we are reachable any time should he need anything from us or if he’s not getting the communication he needs. | Mr. Scott delivered the vanity and never installed it. He said he called us repeatedly for three (3) months with no repsonse. I never had a call or a text I did not promptly respond to and Mr. Scott did not call me for any length of time whatsoever. The times I did try to get him to complete the installation he always had other jobs, personal emergencies, etc, and couldn’t get away or couldn’t clear his busy schedule. Some of this back and forth included during the epic hurricanes in sourthern Florida. I reached out to Mr. Scott to make sure he was okay and for no other reason. That was pretty much the last communication and he said he was fine and many people were requesting him to check on their properties. | Again, Mr. Scott had my job to do well before the hurricanes and he had ample time post-hurricanes to install his work. He also never built the crown molding which was specified in the agreed-to scope of work. Mr. Scott suggested, in what became a final text, that the contstruction contractor finish the installation. I reluctantly did so since Mr. Scott left me in a lurch but understandably, this was far from ideal. I wanted to hold Mr. Scott accountable for the work he agreed to do and failed to complete. | I also should note Mr. Scott is well know in the condo community where I live. I hoped he would care about his reputation here since we all share our experiences both good and bad. I have reported to our Office Manager the fact Mr. Scott abandoned the job we contracted with him to do. She told me she does not permit him to work on our property for the HOA. She said she sees how he works and is not impressed. | Mr. Scott told me because I quetioned his business and personal integrity, he will not to return to the job. Mind you, the vanity is installed by someone else, someone else added the molding and he was paid handsomely for the portion of the work he did. I reluctantly asked Mr. Scott to return to the job when I found nail holes (7-10) at the top of each of the two (2) towers he built for the custom vanity. They need filler and and to be painted. Furthermore, it struck me I do not have the paint color of the vanity he built. Mr. Scott refused my request He said he left $1,500 on the table for me to complete the job. | I do indeed question his integrity and his professionalism and so should you.


  • Name: Made Right Custom
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Dania Beach
  • Address: 40 SW 4TH STREET
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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