Lynn Dorfman Volin


Are you struggling with interpersonal relationships, with repetitive arguments in conflicts with loved ones? Has your marriage become stale or is your family in transition with divorce and remarriage? Suffering alone leads to further problems and often leads to symptoms of anxiety and stress. As a seasoned licensed marriage and family therapist, my services are geared towards clients willing to make positive changes in their faulty communication and subsequent unhealthy behavior patterns. My focus is on enhancing clients strengths and setting specific goals to reduce mental health distress and assist clients in the self evaluation/modification process, which is the essence of psychotherapy.I facilitate healthy communication patterns, with empathy and redirection of faulty ones. A cognitive( thoughts) and behavioral approach is used to ensure clients success in mastering new strategies to accomplish therapy goals. Treatment is individually tailored to you, with regard to mind/ body and spirit. Reduce your depression/anxiety in a compassionate and interactive environment.I am trained as a clinical social worker and specialize in treating various mental health disorders, ie ADHD, Clinical depression, anxiety and trauma. Recent training in chronic pain disorders, enables my ability to treat clients with physical and mental impairments/distress. It is a privilege to partner with clients eager to make life long changes.

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