LTT Gourmet Foods – Tony Perchemilan Banning California


Complaint: In September of this year, my husband and I were visited by the Food Consultant Randy P. We were interested in this type of home service so we were not pressured into anything, but we were given a lot of false promises by the Rep Randy and his “manager”” Tommy so that he could get the sale. There was a similar company that 60 minutes or Dateline did a show on – Colorado Prime. The rep told us that the owner Tony used to be the VP of this company – who was exposed as a RIP OFF company. Should have listened to the warning bells. When it came time to fill out the paperwork

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Address: Randy handed us a document that he wanted us to put our SS#’s on. I told him absolutely not

Website: blocked out our SS#’s and faxed it over (unknown to me at the time

Phone: that we were going to be buying a home and could not have anything on our credit. We also stated we would be moving in a few months and did not want to to move that big freezer. He then called Tommy who said it would be okay for us to submit a copy of our credit report and that they would finance us themselves – “”they do this all the time.”” Also

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