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Complaint: This is our second time dealing with this company. They used same tactics both times. They call and offer a gift card and a great deal for an office supply you are already are buying. “The deal”” arrives and they have instead of sending 1 box they send a case or 1/2 of the shipment. The first time we dealt with them we ordered a box of sharpies…we received a case of sharpies. We called and they gave us a “”deal”” if we keep their mistake. This latest ‘Deal”” was on shrink wrap. We got our first shipment without an invoice. We used the product. It was ok nothing to write home about….Then the invoice arrived. The shipping cost more than the product. I made a call about it and got a smart a*s answer about how heave the wrap is. Then 2 weeks later they sent us more. I called and they said they were just filling the other half of the order. Did I mention the Gift card. Oh yes

Tags: Sales People, Telemarketers

Address: I spoke to Kathy on July 29. She called to ask if I had gotten the card. I said no and she said she would send them right out. I got them on Aug 4. On Aug 5 we got yet another shipment of that stupid shrink wrap. Not ordered BTW. So this morning I called to get it removed from my office. Kathy said she was just an operator and could not approve a pick up. SOOOOO my now arch nemesis Alan Gold called me back. What a smart a*s. I asked to have the product picked up and he said that I had ordered it on July 29. I said nou2026.he asked if I had gotten my starbucks gift cards. Like that was going to make this whole deal so much better. After being very condescending to meu2026I just hung up the phone. I will be updating this when and if they pick up this crap”


Phone: 7405 Woodley Ave Van Nuys, California USA

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