Living Spaces Mount Hermon California Review


I would like to warn one and all of the unscrupulous business practices experienced recently at Living Spaces in Millbrae. Bought a recliner 4-27-2017. Paid with Credit Card and cash. We were told that it would be available at the Millbrae store in two days. (coming from Fremont). Went to pick it up 5 days after purchase. We were told, Oh sorry the item you bought is out of stock! How come no one called us? They couldn’t answer that. Tried to bait and switch us to a more expensive item! $400 more and they could have it here on two days! Really? Demanded a refund and got my credit card refund a day later. Still waiting for a refund check! I was told I would have it in a week. I called the Customer Service line. I was told refund checks are only cut on Wednesday. You missed it I guess??? I was assure that it would be sent out this week. I will update when and if I get it. I wish I had investigated this place a bit more…This company deserves to go out of business!

855 Broadway, Millbrae,, California USA

(877) 266-7300

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