Living Scriptures Charlotte Michigan Review


Like others who have dealt with Living Scriptures and gotten ripped off, I fell prey to the young return-missionary salesman who came to my door one summer’s day. It didn’t matter to the company, a few months later, when I realized what an expensive rip-off it was (36 bucks for 30 minutes of video? Come on! Nothings’s THAT expensive!) that I was a struggling single mother who really, truly COULD NOT AFFORD the series. nLiving Scriptures gave me the same song and dance it appears they have given other poor but good-hearted LDS families: Sorry, but you signed a contract. Pay up and get nothing, or keep paying. nWell, then it gets even worse. I got married 4 months after joining LSI. My husband was also a member. We began receiving duplicate copies of tapes I already had or DVD’s of VHS programs my husband already owned. We tried to consolidate our accounts. At first, LSI catagorically refused to do that, siting the fact that we were not married when we signed the contracts. They didn’t care that we were gettind duplicates at all, a struggling family of 4 with under 40,000 income per year. nBut finally, at last, we found a friendly phone representative who readily agreed to consolidate our accounts. We were so relieved… until we received our first bill. They consolidated our accounts alright. They just added my $2,000-something bill to my husband’s $1,000-something bill, put it all in his name, so it’s all in one nice neat package of OVER $3,000!!! And we will STILL be receiving duplicates!!! nLSI are a bunch of RATS. I am ashamed to call myself LDS when I see how they entrap and lock good, honest-hearted families into huge financial debt – something which the prophets and apostles have openly preached against. nBut, worse yet, LSI itself, and it’s associates, Nest Family Entertainment, are apparently ashamed to call themselves LDS, too. Do you know who sits on the board at Nest? These same products sold as NEST to mainstream Christians are marketed by Living Scriptures to LDS families as being “safe””

and teaching LDS doctrines. Well

they don’t. Take a look at fart.html nEverything and anything remotely LDS-flavored or hinting at any LDS doctrine has been removed from Living Scriptures materials

and yet they are marketed to LDS families as such. nAND ONE FINAL COMPLAINT: Their videos aren’t even scripturally accurate! For example

in the Abraham and Isaac video

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