I am joining the current complaint bandwagon against LIFEKEY, Inc., and its third party billing partner-in-crime, GINIX BILLING, Inc. I need not repeat my reasoning for posting this complaint. It serves, supports, and parallels all of the other complaints about these two entities. nMy personal experience with them is comparable to others comments. My credit card company is currently engaged in an investigation and is sending me documents to fill out for a formal investigation. I suggest all of you who are also victims of LIFEKEY & GINIX do the same. Credit card companies cannot place permanent on-going stop payments vs a particular merchant, but they can credit your account so you do not have to pay the unauthorized charges, and they will investigate fraudulent activities. If enough of you do the same, LIFEKEY & GINIX will be suffer the consequences of their unethical business standards. nThis is a wonderful website to register complaints, but the credit card companies need to attain complaints and all information you have vs LIFEKEY & GINIX, so that all these different credit card companies are alerted to these two fraudulant dis-organizations. nLIFEKEY & GINIX may be making a little more money now due to their immoral business practices, but they will lose in the long run. We can all act in tandem to rid of them and boot them into their own non-existant nEdnCA, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Building Box 42635 Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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