I received a letter and a check in the mail for $1968.45 (interesting number as it is the year I was born and my age). This company posed as a Secret Shopper company. They instruct you to deposit the check. This is the part that gets most people, they instruct you to wait 12 to 24 hours for funds to become available.This statement is true, but by no means does it mean the check has cleared. Most banks will make the funds available to you prior to the check actually clearing. The Company heavily instructs you to have cash in hand prior to activating your assignment as you only have 24 hours to complete the assignment, or be disenrolled. The money. $350 is yours as payment for your first week of work. The remainder is to be used to complete the two assignments. You log on to the LG Century Group website to first activate the check. They give you a user name and password. Step two was to wait the 12 to 24 hours and then withdraw the money except the $350. Fortunately I waited to find out if the check would clear. Of course it didnt. So once I found that out, I logged on to see what the assignments were. The first was to go to Western Union and send $700 plus to a name that had my last name in Madrid, Spain. The second was to send over $600 to another name having my last name through Money Gram. The total was $1576.00. If I hadnt waited I would have lost that money. That was all part of the first assignment. The last assignment was to take $60.45 to Sams, Walmart, Costco or the Home Depot to evaluate customer Service. I know people have fallen for this scam. I dont want anyone else to. Thats why I have filed this report.

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