Lavish Home Furniture Inc. Clifton New Jersey Review


I will start off by saying the sales person Chris ( the one with the redish hair) was very nice. The sale went smooth as I expected. The following week he told me he would call me when the furniture will be shipped to my home. He advised that either 2 of the days during the week my furniture would be delivered. To make a long story short I ended up calling and chasing him to get answers. He not once kept a simple promise he made like call backs. He ignored half my calls. I than spoke with “Alex”” who acted like he was a hero and wanted to save the day. He also didnt produce any results and lied to me. He said on that day when I called him I would receive my furniture at 8pm that same night. It was 9:40pm and yet still no phone call. This was on a Friday. I had guests coming the following day. This is over a week waiting for my furniture. Alex nor Chris ever called to see if my furniture had arrived. I even called the store about 6 times within an hour prior to them closing (9pm closing). As a result to thier incompetence I suffer. I have no furniture to welcome my guests to relax on. What an embarresment this is for me and my family. I can not cancel my gathering. There was no sense of urgency from them at all. It was the worst experience I have encountered in a very long time. The owner is no where to be found. I made a mistake by not searching for reviews. They have a 1 star rating. And no surprise many were similar issues. They can not be trusted. They are worse than typical sales people. They are in for the quick sale and thats it. Dont expect them to follow up on warranty claims either. These are not those type of people. More like street hoodlums. Unprofessional and unethical organization. Wait until I tell the Arab community in Paterson and Clifton NJ. This experience I have encountered will go a very long way!”

191 ROUTE 46 WEST Saddle Brook, New Jersey USA


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