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Complaint: back in 2004, children and youth, stole my kids from me. due to my 2 yr old doing something to my 2 mo old. i just woke up after working a double to provide for my kids.all i know is they kept my children. gave my daughters to their dad.adopted my son out. kept tellin me they were coming home.i worked hard at getting them home. they were taking 800.00a month in support from me(i was a server.made me quit dennys because i worked too much.made me lose my apt because it wasn’t up to their standard. they act like your friend.but they are not. they have left me in financial foolery because i still owe them support for my son who was adopted out in 2005.they toldtold family my daughters and family would still see him.but have not at all. they separated my son from his sisters from the beginning but yet they thought i did it and still u all about the family and wanna keep them together.but it was i was a unwed mother of 3 babies all in diapers and interacial couple. ugh i hate that my kids ever had to go through this. lanc. cya is evil.they don’t deal with the parents that need to b looked at.they break up homes. they are all about the bonuses and quotas they have to make.especially around march.they can be anywhere.on the bus at the grocery store all watching for people to mess up and people get investigated for a bruise or bump or blah blah blah.because somebody has a vendetta against someone.thinking its cute to call cya on someone for whatever.if they come to your door.u do not have to let them in. ask for a warrant. check out they will help you. i lost my kids to some bullshit and my life has been messed up ever since.i just go to work and live a boring life. i have a good guy in my life and i am grateful the lord gave me someone like him to help me overcome my hurt.

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Address: 900 east king st lancaster, Pennsylvania United States of America



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