Kim Brock Wagin Tails Yorkies Bklyn New York Review


I purchased a Female Yorkshire Terrier and Male Yorkshire Terrier in late 2005 and early 2006 from Kim Brock located at Henrietta, Texas. Before the female started to show more signs of a problem I had already finalized the sale of my male. nThis is the story for my male. We went to the airport to pick up our boy, as soon as I held him his chest felt congested and sounded awful. He was coughing and we didn’t know what was wrong but we knew he wasn’t ok. nTook him home and the next day I immediately took him to our Vet, which diagnosed him with an pneumonia and kennel cough. X-rays were done and he had fluid in his lungs. Instead of being able to enjoy our boy we had to medicate everyday and isolate him from our other pets. nIt took months to get better from the pneumonia, then shortly after the start of his treatment for that, back to the Vet, he was diagnosed with ear infection. Eventually he was also diagnosed with ringworm after me and my daughter both got a lesion. It took like 1 year to rid of the ringworm. nMean while our girl whom had arrived to us a bit earlier, had flaking and pink looking skin on her muzzle, tests were done and once again ringworm. She was treated for that but as the weeks went by her body started to show signs of a skin problem, which was diagnosed as a skin infection. nMore medicines, medicated baths, holistic foods, she would improve sometimes. Eventually the girl was properly diagnosed as having Demodex after more than a year. Female was purchased for breeding which now she cannot be. nIt is now unknown how she will respond to the proper treatment if at all. What is known is that she doesn’t have the immunity necessary to rid of this condition without treatment like a healthy dog would. Kim would not take responsibility for this condition which she had prior to me purchasing. nI will say that Kim did reimburse me a very small amount for the vet costs early on when the first problems occurred, not nearly enough to cover my time, expenses and losses. But in hopes to prevent others from making a mistake I must tell my story and personal experience. nRegardless of how long it has been these dogs were sent to me with these conditions. I have been contacted by a few people that have purchased from her and also had problems with their dogs health when received. I will leave it up to them if they choose to speak out. nKim doesn’t care about the health of these animals that are being sold/shipped, it is simply a way for her to give the problems/suffering to others. It is all about the money that can be made for her. Her guarantee is as good as being able to sell a sick dog to people and get away with it. nSo if you are looking for a reputable breeder, that stands by what she sells, regardless of how long it has been, a healthy pet to enjoy and love, I would stay far far away from purchasing a Yorkie or any animal from her. nYou may just be one of few that get lucky but it is not worth it. The beauty and the pedigrees mean nothing when you get bad health. I do not recommend purchasing from her. nLiznBklyn, New YorkU.S.A.

12515 Hwy 148 North Henrietta, Texas U.S.A.


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