Kenny Sarosi Seaford New York


Complaint: I must take a minute to warn people of the nightmare that this “builder”” can drag you through. I had clients that wished to purchase new construction in Seaford NY on Long Island. We negotiated the purchase price and my clients went to contract in September of 2016. After contract was executed months passed without any work being performed on the property. Kenny Sarosi continued to assure us that the delay related to the Town of Hempstead and permits that he needed to continue. We patiently waited as more months passed and the completion date became farther and farther away. My clients were renting and their lease was set to expire. As time dragged on

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Address: my buyers eventually ended up staying in a hotel with their two young children for months while they waited for the property to be habitable. At every turn

Website: started talking and saying that Kenny Sarosi owed them substantial amounts of money which is why they weren’t returning to finish. This went on for a year and a half in total. We finally did close on the property and my buyer’s are able to put this behind them. Would like anyone thinking of working with Kenny Sarosi of BHNV Realty to build a home for them to know that

Phone: Kenny Sarosi would assure us that things were moving along and that he would be finished the project in short order. The work that he did perform in the house was sub par. The wood floors were starting to detach and rise up through the whole house. The front door install had such a large gap between them that cold air was blowing through the home! The buyer’s were spending a fortune living in a hotel with their kids and there was no end in sight as far as the home being completed. Buyer’s were complying to all of Kenny Sarosi’s requests to pick the finishes and yet when things were chosen on our side

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