Kelly McLaney Miami Florida


Complaint: Kelly Michael McLaney is a cheapskate ! Met him on Match.Com … he told me he owned art galleries across the nation, casinos, hotels, had a medical degree (WTF?!?!) BUT ALL LIES! He Lives off OPM INCLUDING James H GOULD, a convicted FELON then found out he has 2 kids in Athens GA (9yesrs old and 11 years) he donu2019t care for or support, ( just waiting to play with the little boys mind to get his million dollar inheritance from some Reynolds wrap BS) he donu2019t pay NO child support for, AND even another Little girl that he abandoned that lives in Tennessee. Kelly acts like a big shot, then leaves the women to take care of completing. He acts like his kids don’t exist because he has a wife and another baby. He doesn’t do anything for his kids and he refuses to come and get them because I can’t stand his fat wife. If I don’t play by him and his fat wife’s rules, he don’t want nothing to do with his kids. My kids deserve more than this from their father. He usedu201dabusedu201d! Then refused me and the kidsu201d! He told me 2042 NE 120th ave was His HOUSE and the BMW he drives, with the Ferrari, MERCEDES G5 and Yacht all are HISu201d Not the Felons he has to chauffeur around while that con man pays his MF bills!!!! They don’t deserve to be abandoned because Kelly has another family and has to do favors for Felons ” just to get byu201d. He is a good for nothing sperm donor who will have to get three jobs just to pay child support for all of his kids or go to jail !”

Tags: Dead Beat Dads

Address: 2034 NE 120th st Miami, Florida United States


Phone: 3053007895

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