Kelly Marie Spikas Home wrecker


Liar Cheater Woman, Maryland

This women invited a retired veteran to her bed. He was happily married with 4 children and another on the way. His wife was from the UK and they decided to move back there when he got out of the military. As she was heavily pregnant while he was getting out, they decided it would be best if her and the children went back to the uk until he got his visa. That way she could set up home and prepare for the new baby before she was too pregnant to fly. His wife fought hard to get his visa so he could join his family. She took care of their 4 children two of which are disabled on her own. She had hardly any money and was struggling to make ends meet. His wife was also seriously ill and had a high risk pregnancy. The veteran suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and found it very hard not being with his wife and children. The veteran went down hill straight after his wife left. He suffered panic attacks and started hearing things when he was on his own. After a couple of months of being alone he became extremely depressed and lonely so he moved back to his hometown while he waited for his visa. Kelly Marie Spikas found out he was back in town and she got in touch with him. She invited him out for drinks. She got him drunk and then took him back to her place where she took advantage of him. They then had an affair from that point. He spent a lot of money on alcohol that he should have been sending to his wife and kids. He was drunk most of the time so he could try and block out any guilt he was feeling. His wife ended up in the emergency room in hospital as she became seroiusly ill. When he found out, he stopped the affair and realised he went off the rails. Kelly kept texting him asking him to meet with her but he ignored her. Having an affair was something he never thought he would do and he struggled to live with himself knowing what a bad person he had turned into. Not long after he ended the affair, he finally got to the uk and saw his baby girl born. But his wife knew something was up as he was acting differently and he would get very angry over the smallest thing. She knew something was up. She looked on his computed and cell phone and It wasn’t long before she found txts from Kelly about the affair. She also found he had been using adultery websites. From his messages it appears he was just talking to other women about how lonely he was. This completely broke her heart. She trusted her husband whole heatedly and he whole word came crashing down around her. When she questioned her husband, he denied everything became abusive. As he was mentally unstable, he couldn’t handle the fact that his wife knew all the terrible things he had done. She said she would forgive him and try to move on if he told her the truth. His story changed many times and she decided to contact kelly. Kelly then told her that she invited him back to her place and they spent the night together. His wife had a hard time trying to push down the pain she was feeling. When ever she had a bad day and if he yelled at her and she yelled back, he would lose it with her. He told her she was never to talk about the affair again or he would do something really bad to her. His wife knowing he was mentally ill, did the best she could to get him mental help and push down how she was feeling, but he found it hard not to lose it over the smallest things. His children were suffering because of his temper and it all became too much for the whole family. He ended up trying to kill himself. He survived an overdose but is now living apart from his wife and children. They are trying to work on things, but its extremely hard. He has hit his wife many times and he is scared to be around her incase he does it again. All this happened because Kelly Marie Spikas, who knew full well he was happily married with another baby on the way, was jealous and insecure. She wanted to feel good about herself by proving to herself she could take a man away from his family. She has shown no remorse and thinks what she has done is not a big deal. She thinks because she has been cheated on in every relationship she has ever been in, that what she did was ok and his wife is over reacting. Kelly is a nasty, lying piece of trash. She has destroyed the lives of many and she should not be able to get away with what she has done to them. I have watched them suffer. I have seen the heartache his wife has gone through. I have seen his 2 disabled children struggle to understand why their daddy has left and why he is so angry and mean to all the kids. Messing with a mentally veteran is sick and she deserves to suffer. Although she will never feel pain like this family is right now.

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