Kelly Brown Associates


I received a call from an unknown number. When I answered it, the person on the other end told me that she was a process server and wanted to know if someone over 18 would be at my house so that they could serve me legal documents. I asked what the legal documents were for. She said that I was being sued and that they needed to serve me. I asked who was I being sued by. She gave me a phone number, (858)215-4057, and a name, Attorney Walter Bowman, and said that I would need to call that number for more information. So I called that number and got a woman who told me that "Attorney Bowman isn’t in the office and I can transfer you to his legal secretary." So, she transferred me to another woman who said her name was Elizabeth Guzman and identified herself as a legal secretary. She said that I had been sued by a credit card company, Continental Finance, for an account that I had with them five years ago and that the total judgment against me was $5973, of which $1726.74 was what I owed the credit card company, and that the rest were attorney and legal fees. She said that my wages would begin being garnished for $375 per month and that was based of tax information received by them from the IRS. She said that I received a letter in November 2018 advising me that I owed this company, and because I didn’t respond, I was sued and would now be garnished. I told this woman that I never received any information, I did remember this card but did not remember owing anything, and that I wanted some more information because they never sent me anything. She then said that she could contact her client, Continental Finance, and see how much they’d be willing to take to stop the wage garnishment, etc. In between this though, she also said that the debt had been sold to a third party. This made me suspicious because if it was sold to a third party, why would she have to contact the original creditor? So, she put me on hold for about 4 minutes, and came back and said that they would take $1,000 even or monthly payments of a little over $200. I told her that I don’t have any money, and that I have zero idea who she is, who this company is, and that I would need some proof about all of this before I do anything. I asked her to mail me documents with the proof of debt and proof of who she and her company are, she said she could email me something to docu sign. I told her that I had to look into some things and would call back. I researched the phone number and the law firm name; nothing comes up on the internet at all for either. I researched PA law involving credit cards, and creditors cannot garnish wages for things like credit cards. Also, per the FDCPA, it is illegal for creditors to threaten things that they cannot legally do. I also called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and was told to get the company’s name, address, phone number, license number, and ask for a debt validation letter; if they are legitimate, they should be able to willingly provide all of that. I also looked at all 3 of my credit reports, and this account was no where in site, despite Ms. Guzman also mentioning that it was on my credit reports. And finally, I called my local magistrate office to see if I had been sued or sent a summons for court (that I didn’t receive). The woman from the magistrates office looked up my name and said there was nothing there. She said she even did a wider search that searched all of Pennsylvania, and there was nothing there. I hadn’t been sued. So, I called the woman Elizabeth Guzman back and told her that I needed her to give me the legal doing business as name of the company, a website, physical address, license number. She kept asking me what for, and I told her that she should be able to give all of that to me, and that there was nothing on the internet in relation to the company/law firm, Kelly Brown Associates, or William Bowman, or their phone number. I told her I need proof before I proceed with anything. I also told her that she had violated the FDCPA by saying I had been sued and by saying that my wages would be garnished, because they cannot in PA. She became very belligerent and began screaming at me that I was just trying to not take responsibility. I told her that I’m just trying to make sure I’m not being scammed. Then I hung up. Everything about this leads me to believe this was a scam and that these people somehow got ahold of an old credit report or some type of information of mine to try and do this.

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