Kay Jewelers Needham Massachusetts Review


This is my feedback to Kay Jewelers! n”Hello! I am writing to express my outrage about the treatment I received at the Kay Jewelers store in Natick Mall on the 6th of February

2013. n1. The sales associate misled me on the following: she offered me to become a member with Kay

which in fact turned out to be getting a line of credit from Kay with check on my credit history. I learnt about it after I received the Kay plastic card in my mail two weeks after the purchase. n2. The same sales person charged me insurance of $29.99 without asking me if I want the insurance. And again I learnt about it by an accident – after paying for my Kay purchases I threw a quick glance at the receipt

and noticed three items I was charged for instead of two

which I knew about. I had to ask the sales associate what it was

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